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  Our Tibetan Terriers:  Pipsa - Muvi - Villi - Djingi - Jomi - Jacko - Noisy,  in memoriam:  Aran - Sheila - Cindy

ICH  Aran Ananda CS

Aran was our first Tibetan Terrier. He was very successful in the dog shows, he became MultiChampion.

You can find his descendands in the many countries - in Czechia, Germany, USA, Switzerland, Slovakia, Slovenia, Hungary, Poland .....

We have loved him very much, he forever stays our "Number One".

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male, * 25.11.1983  + 02.12.2000, colour: sable, breeder: Eva Labudova, CZ

International Champion, Czechoslovak, Polish, Hungarian Champion, TTC-Club Champion
Special Show Winner, National Winner, Winner of Poland, 8 x CACIB, 17 x CAC

Aran's pedigree            More pictures of Aran


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