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News 2005

bul.gif (311 bytes)  International Dog Show Praha 13.11.2005:.
Jominka - exc.2, res.CAC, Jamyang - exc.2, res.CAC,
Djingi - exc.1, Best Veteran. He has finished his Czech Veteran Champion title.

bul.gif (311 bytes)  Iternational Dog Show Nitra 06.11.2005:
Aran - exc.1, CAC, CACIB, BOB,
Jacko - at his show debut - very promising 1 (baby class).
Club Winner Show SKCHTaF Nitra 06.11.2005:
Villi - V1, Best Veteran.

bul.gif (311 bytes)  18.10.2005 - puppies in kennel Gaba Ponya of our friends were born.
Sire is EW, ICh. Tashi Bodjul H'Aran Horpa, dam is Djomo Gangkar Berenike (WW, WJW, ICh. Tschal-pa's Am-chou Dawa x Ch. Pam-Zamirin Fimbu Simone). One black male puppy is available to loving home.

bul.gif (311 bytes)  26.10.2005 Tashi Bodjul Jomo Lha-ri and Tashi Bodjul H'Aran Horpa
were tested for patella luxation with result 0/0 - free!

bul.gif (311 bytes)  Tibetan Terrier Special Show Mlada Boleslav 22.10.2005:.
Djingi - exc. 1, Best Veteran, Veteran BIS 3,
Jominka - exc. 1, CAC, Special Show Winner,
Jamyang - exc. 1, CAC, Special Show Winner, BOB.

bul.gif (311 bytes)  International Dog Show Ceske Budejovice 09.10.2005:.
Our Djingi (10 years) - exc. 1, Best Veteran of Breed, and 4-5 Veteran BIS,
Aran - exc. 1, CAC, CACIB, BOB, Jamyang - exc. 2, res.CAC, res.CACIB
Jana and Bara, well done!

bul.gif (311 bytes)  National Dog Show Brno 25.09.2005:.
Jowo Rinpoche - exc. 1, CAC, National Winner, Jamyang - exc. 1, CAC
Lenka and Bara, congratulations!

bul.gif (311 bytes)  Great congratulations to owners of female Tashi Bodjul Ishadhara !!!

International Dog Show Kecskemet 10. - 11.09.2005:
Saturday 10.09.2005, judge Rafael de Santiago (Portugal)
- CAC, CACIB, BOB + the qualify for Crufts 2006
Sunday 11.09.2005, judge Jacques Medard-Ringuet (France)
- CAC, CACIB + the qualify for Crufts 2006

Ishadhara gains her International Champion and Hungarian Grand Champion.
We take a pleasure, that she is the third dog from our breeding,
who wins the qualify for Crufts !!!

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bul.gif (311 bytes)  Djingi's son Kubik (Cublay-Khan Djomo Gangkar) has visited us.
We wish his owners Lucka and Michal a lot of successes and joy with him :-))))

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bul.gif (311 bytes)  International Dog Show Mlada Boleslav 04.09.2005:
Aran - exc.1, CAC, CACIB
our youngest Jomi - exc.1, CAC, CACIB, BOB :-))
Villi - exc.1, Best Veteran, res. Veteran BIS - she is Czech Veteran Champion now :-))

bul.gif (311 bytes)  TT fun weekend Brno - Zbraslav 27. - 28.08.2005:
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bul.gif (311 bytes)  07.08.2005 - young english boy Jacko came to Czechia!
We present with pleasure our new boy Alilah Jackanory. He will live by our friend Magda Srutova, she is his co-owner. Jacko came from the top english kennel Alilah of Mrs. Pat Tempest  (web site). He is 12 weeks old, and his parents are the really outstanding Tibetan Terriers - Alilah Freddie and Alilah Caprice.
Pat, many thanks for your kindness, help, and above all for this lovely boy !!!

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(Click for a large picture.)

bul.gif (311 bytes)  International Dog Show Brno 03.07.2005:
Jomi was really succesful - exc. 1, CAC, CACIB, BOB and also BIG 5 !!!
TT were judged by Mrs. Bozena Ovesna, BIG was judged by Mrs. Brigitte Bregenzer from Austria.

bul.gif (311 bytes)  Club Winner Show TTC Sobeslav 18.06.2005
42 TTs were entered, Mrs. Alena Kostalova was judged.

All results ouf our Tibetans:
Aran - exc. 1, CAC, Club Winner 2005, Best Male TT, BOB,
Best Tibetan Terrier Sobeslav 2005
and Best in Show.
Our Jomi - exc. 1, CAC, Club Winner 2005 and Best Female TT, BOS.
Jamyang - exc. 1, CAC (open class), He-ru-ka - exc. 2, res.CAC,
Hinayana - exc.1, CAC (open class), Jomo Lang-ma-ri - exc. 2, res.CAC (open class).
Their mother Villi - exc. 1, Best Veteran of Breed

Sincerely congratulation to all and many thanks !!!!

bul.gif (311 bytes)  Euro Dog Show Tulln 03.06.2005
Two dogs from our breeding were shown here and we are very proud of their successes.
Our Aran was excellent 1, CACA, CACIB, European Champion 2005, Best male and BOB !!!!!
Well done, our little boy :-))

Our girl Jomi was excellent 2, res.CACA from 5 females in the champion class. I am very happy about it
because the competition was really high quality.

Bretany Masinial, daughter of our Aran and Eni, was excellent 3 from 10 females in the junior class.
Her owners many congratulaions!

bul.gif (311 bytes)  Tibet Dog Europe Hollabrunn 04.06.2005
There was only our Aran at this show and he was again successful - CACA in the excellent engaged champion class.
Jana, well done :-)))

bul.gif (311 bytes)  International Dog Show Nitra 29.05.2005:
Jominka - CAC, CACIB, BOB and gains her International Champion title at two and a half old !!!
We are really very proud of our Jomi :-)
Her sister Jomo Lang-ma-ri - CAC and has finished her Slovak Champion title.
Sincerely congratulation to Magda!

bul.gif (311 bytes)  National Dog Show Senec 27.05.2005:
Brianna Masinial - CAJC, BOB and a BIG selection!
Zuzka, congratulation :-)

bul.gif (311 bytes)  International Dog Show Litomerice 22.05.2005:
Jomi - CAC, CACIB, Aran - res.CAC, res.CACIB, Jamyang - CAC,
Ch. Ala-ba'tog Go-kar - BOB (the other successful descendant of our Villi and Djingi).
Congratulation to all!

bul.gif (311 bytes)  National Dog Show Kielce 15.05.2005:
Bainna Masinial - CAJC, finished Polish Junior Champion and Junior BIS !!!
Sincerely congratulation to owners and also many successes in the future :-)

bul.gif (311 bytes)  National Dog Show Banska Bystrica 08.05.2005:
Bretany Masinial (daughter of our Aran and Eni) - CAJC, finished her Slovak Junior Champion title and BOB !
A lot of congratulations to her owners and many successes in the future :-)

bul.gif (311 bytes)  Weekend 23. - 24.04.2005

Saturday - Club Winner Show Opole (Poland):
Apollo Sam Magnetyzm (son of  ICh. Tashi Bodjul He-ru-ka) - Club Junior Winner and BOB
Bainna Masinial (daughter of our Aran and Eni) - also Club Junior Winner.

Sunday - International Dog Show Opole:
Tashi Bodjul Jomo Lang-ma-ri - V1, CWC, Best female, CACIB - finished Polish Champion.
Bainna Masinial - Junior Winner and BOB!
Apollo and Bainna have finnished Polish Junior Champion. Magda, Ania and Agnieszka, sincerely congratulation!!!

International Dog Show Ceske Budejovice:
Tashi Bodjul Jamyang - V1, CAC, CACIB - finished Czech Champion.
Dendrobates' Lynette (granddaughter of our fabulous Villi) - V1, CAC, CACIB, BOB - also finished Czech Champion.
Best congratulation to Martina and Bara!!!

bul.gif (311 bytes)  European Dog Show Tulln 2005 - gemeldete Hunde hier (only German).

bul.gif (311 bytes)  Results of the Crufts 2005 here.
Best of Breed was a male Ch. Araki Fabulous Willy.

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bul.gif (311 bytes)  New puppies are born in the kennel Masinial.
More information -

bul.gif (311 bytes)  National Dog Show Ostrava 20.03.2005:
Jomi - excellent 1, CAC, National Winner, BOB, BIG 3. We are very proud :-)
ostrava05.jpg (41152 bytes)

bul.gif (311 bytes)  International Dog Show Katowice 20.03.2005:
Bainna Masinial, daughter of Aran and Elaine, aged 11 months - BOB.

bul.gif (311 bytes)  We can announce proudly that Ch. Tashi Bodjul Ishadhara is Top Female of the Year 2004
and also Top Tibetan Terrier of the Year 2004 in Hungary.
She got into the TOP 10 club competition only 2 and a half months after having 10 puppies!
Ibolya and Robert, big congratulations !!!

bul.gif (311 bytes)  Updated links to Tibetan Terrier breeders.
We can already find the finnish kennel La-Fon - dad of our Villi has lived there.

bul.gif (311 bytes)    International Dog Show Brno 13.02.2005:
our Jomi - exc.1, CAC, CACIB and has also finnished the title Czech Champion.
He-ru-ka - exc.1, CAC, CACIB, BOB and finnished the International Champion.

bul.gif (311 bytes)   International Dog Show Trencin 29.01.2005:
Jomi - exc.1, CAC and has finnished the title Slovak Champion,
her brother Jamyang - exc.1, CAC, CACIB, BOB.

bul.gif (311 bytes)  Our year 2004:
Jomi's show results:
Club Champion TTC, Polish Champion, Club Junior Champion SKCHTaF, 3. BIG, 3 x BOB,
Club Winner, Best Female in Club Winner Show 2004, Special Show Winner, National Winner,
5 x CACIB, 1 x r.CACIB, Danubius Winner, 10 x CAC CZ, 3 x CAC SR, 3 x CWC, 2 x CC, 17 x V1.
Villi (10 years) - International Dog Show Mlada Boleslav -  exc.1, Best Veteran, res. Veteran BIS :-)
Djingi (9 years) - Slovak Grand Champion, 4 x BOB,
Best TT in Club Winner Show 2004, 3. BIS veteran, 3. BIS,
International Dog Show Ceske Budejovice - Veteran BIS :-)

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